At Kenroc, you'll also discover professional-quality tools and parts used in the installation of drywall, ceilings, stucco, EIFS, steel framing, insulation, and roofing.

We carry the products the pros ask for and all our locations have different products in stock at any given time. Contact your local Kenroc branch for the tools you need and if we don’t have them – we’ll get them for you.

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Product Overview

Too many to list, we’ve got the tools you need from the brands you want including:

  • Boarding Tools
  • Taping Tools
  • Steel stud & Lath Tools
  • Roofing Tools
  • Plaster & Stucco Tools
  • EIFS Tools
  • Power Tools
  • Hammers, Staplers & Clinchers
  • Nail & Tool Pouches & Belts
  • Mud pans & Mixers
  • Cement & Mason Tools
  • Sanders
  • Ladders & Scaffolding
  • Stilts & Accessories
  • Texture Equipment


AMES Tool Rentals

If you don't have the tools for a project or simply don't want to buy the equipment, we offer rental options at our Coquitlam, Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatoon, Regina and Winnipeg locations.

Ames is the nation’s leading provider of automatic taping and finishing (ATF) tools, and supplies to the professional drywall finishing industry. Their tool rental philosophy is simple: rent the tools and equipment you need for as long as you need. Their tools are always fully calibrated and ready to use, minimizing your job site downtime. 

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Other Products

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