Using Digital Space to Promote Your Brand

Using Digital Space to Promote Your Brand 

August 21, 2023

By Tracy Rees

Digital marketing allows you to connect with prospective and existing customers. It allows you to get creative and stand out from your competitors in competitive markets.  There are many online platforms you can use to reach the right customers.  

Have a mobile-friendly website  

Building a high-quality website and keeping it up-to-date will boost lead generation for your business. Website design and hosting do have a monthly fee and it’s well worth it if you can attract a few new customers every month. Your site is your 24/7 salesperson.   

Having relevant content will also attract potential clients to your site. The new site includes quick links for product installation, data sheets and SDS in the Building Supplies section. The Toolbox blogs have professionals in mind with industry news, product information and tips & tricks for your business.  

Use your Google Business Profile  

A business profile or business page on search engines, such as Google or Bing, helps potential customers find you. You can connect with existing and potential customers with these free tools.   

When you maintain your page by posting new offers or sharing announcements with Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business), the algorithm will show your company higher in search results. This will send more potential clients your way!  

Improve your SEO  

SEO is “search engine optimization.” In simple terms, SEO means improving your website to increase its visibility in Google, Microsoft Bing, and other search engines whenever people search for the services you provide.  

To do this, you’ll need to update your website pages and business listings to include the right keywords for your industry, specialties and geographic area. Google can also tell if your website is mobile-friendly and will factor this into search rankings. All these little details will make all the difference when potential clients are looking for a contractor in their area.   

The digital space is great for marketing. It’s cost-effective and has the potential to reach many leads in real-time. It’s also where your competitors are marketing, so it’s crucial that your digital strategy stands out from the crowd and authentically demonstrates your brand.  

Once that’s happening, the possibilities are endless for your business.  

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