How to Build the Right Deck for Every Home

How to Build the Right Deck for Every Home   

By Sarah Bridges

May 25, 2023

With summer approaching, there is one thing on many homeowners’ minds – their backyards. It is the time of year when people are looking to refresh or rebuild their decks to enjoy this summer and many more to come. Here are some tips on how to provide decking your customers will love:  

Know the yard’s current look:  Don’t draw up any final plans for decking until you have had the chance to look at the site. Not every customer may understand the terrain, soil, and weather influences of the landscape and how it impacts the longevity of their deck. Be proactive in educating them in these areas and what will or will not work before diving into their ideas.    

Determine the purpose of the deck:  Are your customers hoping to extend their living space or add an entertaining area outside for dining? Or is it more for gardening or pool privacy? These factors will contribute to the types of materials needed and the design options they have.   

Always consider weather: Not only in the sustainability of a deck but in the functionality. Consider the seasons you are dealing with. In the summer how much of the deck is in the sun? How hot is it on average during the day? Is this a place with heavy snowfall to consider when building a deck around a home’s entrance?  

Budget: Before planning, be sure to factor in the size and design of the deck, any extras such as railings, flowerbeds, the choice of material, and the labour required for these different areas. It is great to offer a customer their dream deck but not everyone is informed on the price tag that comes with wants vs. necessities when designing their ideal backyard space. Be prepared with alternatives in case your customer’s original wants are not in the budget.   








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