Cottage Country: The Answer to Three Questions Your Customers Will Have

Cottage Country: The Answer to Three Questions Your Customers Will Have

January 17, 2023

by Sarah Bridges

With a fleeting summer and long winter, many Canadians desire to own a slice of paradise they can reside in during those warm months. Here are common questions you might hear from your customers on building or renovating their cottage:   

Is it better to build from scratch or renovate what’s there?  

There are many factors to consider when your customer is facing this decision. Thoroughly investigating the rules around both options is essential in coming to a final decision. A lot of the properties in prime cottage country are grandfathered in when it comes to things like their distance from the water. Tearing down could mean you suddenly lose those rights when rebuilding.   

What kind of site preparation is needed?   

In many parts of Canadian Cottage country, such as in areas like Lake of the Woods or Muskoka, there is an abundance of bedrock. It is important to know how your customer’s design expectations could run into issues on their site. Some designs can avoid major excavation of bedrock through slabs, piers, or custom concrete forms but some designs will require more complicated blasting of rocks. It is better to work with the site where possible or ensure the budget is enough to cover the costs of the alternative.   

How can I future-proof my cottage?   

If your customer intends to be out at the cottage well into old age – they may want to consider what will work best as their mobility declines. Is single-level living or a main-floor primary suite best suited for long-term needs? Low maintenance finishings are another area for consideration, as upkeep can become increasingly difficult in the long term. Durable roofing and siding might be an investment upfront but can have a great ROI as far as upkeep goes. It is better to consider these things early rather than makeup for them later.   

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