BCCA report highlights labour and payment woes

BCCA report highlights labour and payment woes

By BC Construction Association  

April 16, 2024 


Statistics reported in the Spring 2024 BC Construction Association (BCCA) Construction Industry Stat Pack and BCCA’s annual BC Construction Industry Survey Report show that while workforce numbers have improved over the past five years, it may not be enough for employers in BC’s construction industry who continue to face extreme pressures. This year’s industry survey report includes our bi-annual wages and salaries analysis, with highly favourable indicators for those considering a career in BC’s construction industry, but areas of concern for those who employ them.

Demand for construction remains high in British Columbia, with major projects currently underway at an estimated value of $160B, an increase of $3B over the past six months. This represents an increase of 39% over the past five years. However, at $170B, the estimated value of proposed major projects remains at lower levels than in Spring 2023, when proposed projects were valued at $221B.

A majority of contractors are enduring pressure from a number of sources:

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