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Kevin Stanwood appreciates that Kenroc never gets complacent.

“The one big thing about Kenroc is their effort to not only stay current, but also to be consistent in their effort to deliver their level of service,” said Stanwood, president of Winwood Construction Ltd. – Calgary.

He assesses a supplier based on a simple equation. “Price plus the service equals the value,” said Stanwood, who has seen value from Kenroc since 1997.

“They are always trying to ensure their pricing and level of service is top-notch every year. That’s a big reason for their success. They stay diligent.”


“Business is about people and when you’re dealing with good people it’s easier to create and maintain lasting relationships . . . Keep doing what got them to this point and I’m sure they’d have no problem going another 75 years,” said Steve Schell of Hutchings Drywall in Edmonton.

“It comes down to the people they have in their branch and their management -- just good intentioned people. They’re running their own business while they have your interests at heart. They want to look after their customer and believe in trying to help their customers. They are really trying to promote the customers’ well-being as a company,” said Kevin Stanwood of Winwood Construction Ltd. – Calgary


That’s what keeps customers like Robert Dunlop of A. Clark Roofing & Siding LP connected to Kenroc.

“The nice thing about working with Kenroc is there will always be hiccups in our business. But when there is an issue, we work together to resolve those issues,” said Dunlop, from his office in Edmonton.

“You’ve got to earn our business. Kenroc has met that mandate.”

Ralph Wilcott of Eltex Enterprises needed deliveries done better. He gave Kenroc a chance after one of its sales representatives stopped in at his Vancouver business.

“That was in 1998. We’ve been with Kenroc ever since.”

The reason is simple. “They did it the way it needed to be done. They’ve given us excellent service all the years we’ve been with them.”

“I’ve had the competition come by several times and I’ve told them we’re happy with Kenroc,” said Wilcott, who has since moved his business to Calgary, building 10 towers in 2012 using Kenroc as a supplier.