The Original ROC

Kenroc is The Original ROC.

Kenroc Building Materials Co. Ltd. celebrated 50 years of being in business in 2017.

Kenroc first opened April 10, 1967 in Regina, Saskatchewan. Ken Sexton, the company’s founder, dedicated his new business exclusively to the needs of the drywall trade.

Since then, Kenroc has been proud to be "The Drywall Store and More", to be "Rocsolid" and to be judged “When Performance Counts”.

Today Kenroc Building Materials Co. Ltd. has 15 locations in Alberta, B.C., Manitoba and Saskatchewan selling drywall, ceiling systems, roofing, stucco, insulation, steel framing, exterior insulation finish systems as well as tools and other building supplies.

Going forward, we want to pay respect to our origin.

That is why we chose "The Original ROC".  It speaks to our more than 50 years of history, our creativity, our pride and our ongoing commitment to be the best.

What was true of Kenroc in 1967 remains true today and will continue going forward.

Kenroc is “The Original ROC”.