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Learn what employees have to say about how they are managed.

What employees say about managers

Kenroc holds an annual employee survey. This survey is open to all employees in each of Kenroc’s branches (locations) across Western Canada.

A majority of survey respondents agree:

  • Leaders treat employees fairly.
  • Leaders want “a quality job” rather than “just getting the job done.”
  • Leaders follow through on their commitments to employees.
  • Their General Manager leads by a positive example.
  • Employees can approach their General Manager with ideas, questions or concerns without fear.
  • Immediate supervisors
    • communicate their expectations to employees and describe how these expectations are to be met.
    • take the time to talk to employees and listen and respond to concerns.
    • provide employees with regular feedback (both positive and negative).
    • encourage and demonstrate teamwork and cooperation.
  • Company management communicates honestly with employees.

How management works with employees

An employee who is driven and respectful is reliable. Kenroc's founder Ken Sexton believes in giving employees freedom and trusting them to do the right thing, an approach today’s leadership continues.

“Employees will appreciate if they are treated with respect and if they have an opportunity to grow in the organization,” said Brian Kusisto, CEO of Kenroc.

“We endeavour to recognize them for their performance and we are quite flexible with our employees in terms of providing them opportunities where they need it.”

Did you know?

Kenroc offers competitive wages along with a comprehensive benefit package that includes health, disability, dental, vision and life insurance, as well as pension and profit sharing for all employees.

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