The company's policy is to promote from within whenever possible. To this end, the company encourages employees to take a variety of educational courses and seminars at company expense. In addition, employees with identified growth potential and a desire for greater job responsibilities follow in-house training programs.

The following are some examples of employees who have progressed through the ranks of Kenroc or it's affiliated companies:

Chris Venning joined Kenroc Regina in Oct. 2005 as a Delivery Specialist, moved into the Warehouse, promoted to Operations Manager in March 2010 and promoted again in July 2014 to Outside Sales Representative.
Krista Venn joined the Sexton Group as a Computer Operator in March 2004. Between 2004 and 2009 she worked as Receptionist, Accounts Payable and most recently Rebate Analyst before being promoted to Accounting Manager in November 2009.
Bruce Barclay started as a Drivers Helper in Winnipeg in 1985 and later became a Driver. He then moved into Inside Sales and Purchasing, then became the Operations Manager. During this time, he completed his Certificate in Management at the University of Manitoba. In 1997, he was promoted to General Manager of the Prince George branch and then moved to our Minneapolis branch in 2000. In May of 2003, he made the move back to our Winnipeg branch and is now the General Manager.
Tim Ritchot started as a Driver in Calgary in 1993, later moved to Inside Sales and then to Outside Sales Representative. In 2000, he was promoted to General Manager of the Prince  George branch. In July 2005, Tim made the move to our Edmonton branch to serve as Assistant General Manager. In 2009, Tim moved up to Fort McMurray as General Manager, in 2014 Tim relocated to Medicine Hat as General Manager.
Eddie Green started as a Driver in Calgary in 1990, later moved to Inside Sales and then to Operations Manager in Prince George. In 1999, Eddie was promoted to Operations Manager in Winnipeg, and became a Sales Representative in our Burnaby branch in 2004. In July 2005, Eddie moved back to Prince George to take on the role of General Manager.
Cindy Street started as a Computer Operator in Saskatoon in 1984, later became Office Manager and in 1996 was promoted to Office Manager of our largest branch - Calgary. She has since returned to Saskatoon as their Office Manager.
Joyann Larsen started in Regina in 1989 as a Computer Operator, later became Office Manager at our affiliated company, Builders Choice Products Ltd., and in 1996 took on the added responsibility of Computer Systems Trainer for all of the Kenrocs. In September of 2007, Joyann moved to Head Office to take on the role of System Administrator.
Mike Dudych started as Warehouse Worker in the Winnipeg Branch in 1999. In March 2004, he became an Inside Sales Representative and in 2014 he moved to Outside Sales Represenative in the Winnipeg branch.
Mike Hick started with Kenroc's Edmonton branch in 1998, working on the trucks. He then moved to Inside Sales in 1999, and is now the Shipper/Receiver in our Calgary branch.
George Diewold started in Regina in 1978 as a Driver, later became Operations Manager, then a Sales Representative and in 1988 became Manager of Sexton Trucking.
  Matt Potter started as a Driver in the Winnipeg branch in February 1999, moving into the office as an inside sales representative in November 2000, then in March of 2004 taking on the position of Operations Manager at the Winnipeg location. Matt then relocated to the Saskatoon branch in April 2008 and was promoted to Sales Manager.  Matt left our organization for a brief time from September 2012 to October 2013, when he re-joined the Saskatoon branch in the role of Sales Manager.  In April 2014, Matt relocated to the Regina branch, having been promoted the roll of Assistant Manager.  In January 2017, Matt took over the General Manager role at the Regina branch.