Kenroc employees are hired for fit

Learn what employees have to say about working with one another and the opportunities they have found working for Kenroc.

Working together

Kenroc holds an annual employee survey. This survey is open to all employees in each of Kenroc’s branches (locations) across Western Canada.

A majority of survey respondents agree:

  • Employees cooperate with each other.
  • Employees treat one another with respect.

Employee accountability and opportunities

A majority of survey respondents agree:

  • Employees are held accountable for their performance.
  • There are learning and development opportunities available to employees within the company.

An opportunity to pursue being the best

Amrik Karra is grateful for the opportunity Kenroc gave him in 2010. He was new to Canada and ready to prove himself to an employer who would give him a chance.

Starting as a delivery specialist, he worked his way up to being operations manager in Coquitlam. Being given the opportunity to be himself and grow as much as he can is why he sees a future with the company.

“When you see a company has employees who have been here 25 years or longer, then you know it has got to be a good place to work,” said Karra.

Did you know?

Kenroc is an equal opportunity employer committed to providing career opportunities and work-life balance options for our dedicated workforce.

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How strong performance is rewarded

Those who become part of the Kenroc team are rewarded for helping the business to grow.

“One of the ways we show our appreciation to employees is through profit sharing,” said Brian McCormick, President of Kenroc.

“Every employee of Kenroc, regardless of tenure, participates in corporate profit sharing.”

It is a perk and a recognition for their pursuit to always find ways to improve their performance and the service the company delivers.

“It can be very challenging for employees, because it can always be done better, that is always the ultimate goal,” said McCormick.

“We absolutely need strong performing employees which I’m proud to say we have.”

Did you know?

Kenroc offers competitive wages along with a comprehensive benefit package that includes health, disability, dental, vision and life insurance, as well as pension and profit sharing for all employees.

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Building a career

That drive to be the best is what is behind a number of employees progressing from entry-level jobs to senior positions.

“We train people for growth,” said Bruce Barclay, Director of Sales and Operations.

“We look at our warehouse and delivery staff who have expressed an interest in growth and give them an opportunity to work on the sales desk on a Saturday for training, for example.”

Employees who progress help bring less experienced people up to speed.

“You always want to train your replacement,” said Barclay.

Did you know?

Kenroc has a number of employees who have been working for the company for more than 20 years.

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