Having experienced the loss of a loved one to liver cancer, Ken Sexton, our CEO decided that the company should invest its resources in trying to change the future for others facing the same prognosis. A single phone call to the Canadian Liver Foundation led to the CLF-Kenroc Liver Cancer Research Project.

Kenroc provides ongoing support to several of Canadian Liver Foundation's Western Chapters working individually with our branch offices to raise funds to support the CLF-Kenroc Liver Cancer Research Project. All funds are 100% designated to liver cancer research.

Under this joint endeavour, our organization has named the CLF its "prime charity" and has made a commitment to invest in liver cancer research. Additionally, each regional Kenroc branch across Western Canada donates the proceeds from their own local fundraising events. CLF national and regional staff in turn provide educational presentations on liver health so Kenroc employees and management have a true understanding of the importance of their fundraising efforts.

Kenroc's contributions have enabled the CLF to award a liver cancer research operating grant to Dr. Gerald Minuk at the University of Manitoba. Dr Minuk is studying whether a specific protein receptor is present in liver cancer cells and if so, whether their activation results in increased, decreased or no change in the cancer cell's ability for spread. His research holds great potential for the future treatment of liver cancer, and possibly even the treatment of other forms of cancer.

With the help of our organization the Canadian Liver Foundation is continuing to push the boundaries of knowledge in search of new treatments and cures for liver cancer. Together, we are creating a legacy of hope.