Ken Sexton remembered by family, employees and industry

Released July 26, 2019

The family of Ken Sexton is sharing the news that he passed away on Thursday, July 25, 2019.

Ken -- the founder of Kenroc Building Materials, Sexton Group, Builders Choice Products and Pan-Brick -- was just a few days short of his 91st birthday.


AN ENTREPRENEUR. The first company Ken founded was Kenroc, which he started with his family in 1967. The family invested $3,500 (which he obtained by selling the family cottage) in a drywall distribution business, a concept that was far from proven at the time. Later, he started a building materials buying group known as Sexton Group and a tool distribution business named Builders Choice Products. He also bought the patents to an unproven panelized brick product, Pan-Brick. Once he decided to start a business, Ken completely committed himself to each venture.

AN INNOVATOR. Ken had an inquisitive mind and an insatiable curiosity. He always sought to make things better. He introduced many ideas into the industry; some of which became accepted practices.

DETAIL ORIENTED. Ken had an amazing eye for detail and expected all who worked with him to focus on making sure all things, large and small, were done correctly.

A MARKETER. Ken loved everything related to marketing. He was responsible for creating many t-shirts, hats and marketing promotions for the companies he founded.

COMMITTED TO CUSTOMER EXCELLENCE. Ken lived and demonstrated a commitment to customer excellence and his commitment lives on today in all of the companies and through their employees.

…AND HE WAS SO MUCH MORE. To learn more about Ken Sexton, the man away from business, please read the attached obituary written by his granddaughter, Laura.

All of us who work in the companies Ken founded will miss him immensely, but his legacy will live on as we stay committed to the values he established and lived. We will continue to work proudly to make each of these organizations “the best” in their respective industries.


Ken Sexton of Kenroc Building Materials

Ken’s attention to detail extended to his foresight for the companies. Three years ago, he completed the last step in the ownership transition of the business when he transferred his voting shares. Thus, beyond the significant loss of the wisdom and guidance of our founder, there is no impact on the business with Ken’s passing.

The Sexton family will continue to own the companies Ken founded and are very proud of the businesses as well as the commitment and contribution of all of the current and past employees. The family greatly appreciates the support the businesses have received from the members of the Sexton Group and the customers of Kenroc, Builders Choice and Sexton Trucking.

The family deeply appreciates all of the kind words and gestures as they remember and honour Ken.

Yours truly,

Brian Kusisto