How was employees’ input gathered?

Employees were interviewed for a company history book produced for Kenroc’s 50th anniversary in 2017.

Some were interviewed more recently, describing their experience and interest in working for Kenroc.

Also, Kenroc holds an annual employee survey.

This survey is open to all employees in each of Kenroc’s branches (locations) across Western Canada.

Employees participate in that survey anonymously. They are asked to assess the branch where they work.

Why are Kenroc employees surveyed?

Responses help company leadership understand, in part, how its branches (locations) are performing and the level of satisfaction among employees.

Who participates?

A majority of Kenroc employees participate in this survey.

Did you know?

Kenroc employees are committeed to and are guided by the company's vision and values.

Kenroc's Vision & Values

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